I have many hats… A sun hat for the garden, a baseball cap for chasing the kids around the beach, my grandmother’s straw hat with a big black bow for fundraising luncheons, a stocking cap for writing poetry in the winter, and no hat, just my curls, for my Zoom meeting with editing clients. Whatever hat I’m wearing, I like to be present, alert to the opportunities and needs of what is growing up around me.

Let me know if you have a project in need of writer, editor, or researcher. I’d love to hear about it.

I am the executive director of Gathering Ground, a nonprofit dedicated to connecting people to the environment and their food through work and play. I live and run Hoot Blossom Farm with my husband and sons on Washington Island, WI. I am also a board member of Write On, Door County, a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring people to write and share their stories. They host workshops at our Writing Center, online and within the community and have a residency program.  I have my PhD from UW-Milwaukee in English, Creative Writing and MFA from Indiana University.

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