A list of nonsequitors

1. We had our first successful tutoring session on at Washington Park Field House. It was all things working for good that brought one student and her little brother with a folder full of homework. We analyzed a poem and brainstormed an essay on identity. It was delightful. It was pulled off by no means of our own. It was poorly planned (finding a location was difficult), poorly advertised (text messages sent to students) but it worked out better than I hoped it would. Next week, if text messages are followed through on, we should be expecting 3 students! Baby steps.

2. I had a dream last night I sold my heart. Even though I knew this would kill me. It was in order to avoid a worse death in a Nazi like state that was coming soon. However, when the date came closer, I realized I wanted to live. I went to the butcher to find a substitute. However, the butcher only had light pink animal (pig or rabbit) hearts. I took the biggest one with hopes of dying it a darker more human red. The heart in my dream were vivid and disconcerting. The person who I had promised my heart to called and asked if he could have it a week early. It was for his pregnant wife. No. No. I said, you can not have it early. I was still working on the disguise. I thought to myself, I have money. I can buy a plane ticket to the U.S. when they find out its not my heart, that I’m not dead, and before the Nazi party seize power.

3. Every day with 2nd and 3rd graders is going to be different. Prepare and expect something unexpected to happen.

4. My sister, Sonnet, had her EP release concert last weekend. Go buy it on itunes. It’s phenomenal. Everyone who was lucky enough to be in attendance said she killed it. But you don’t have to take my word for it, if you think I am biased. Interview with Sonnet on HuffPo here. Anthems, dance tunes, ballads, pop songs with thought. She proves its possible to have it all, with grace and heart.


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