Beth Navarro: Insight into the Active Life

Beth Navarro is a writer: she writes for her comic mom blog, Mother-naked. She writes picture books for kids. (Her debut picture book, Grambo, will available in less than a week!) She is writing a YA sci-fi novel. And she spends her job-time writing and editing marketing material. Originally from Illinois (currently the state I live in), she now lives in California (the state I’m originally from). Besides having the a few ideas about the work-life-balance thing figured out, Beth seems to have also figured out the optimal migration pattern. I still have a lot to figure. Luckily, she took a moment to share with us a few insights about how a full life has lead her to a more prolific and inspired writing life. So on to the the interview!

What do you write? How do you write it? 

I write children’s books, anything from picture books to the young adult manuscript that I’m working on right now.  I also write a blog, Mother-naked, about my adventures in parenting. My first picture book, Grambo, is out March 26th on Amazon! Grambo is about a boy who discovers his grandma is not your average grandma. She’s a secret agent! Grandmas rock.

I usually write in long stretches on the weekends. I set up camp on the couch. For some reason the couch is really my spot even though I have a desk that I love. My notes spread out on my left, my laptop on my lap and my tea and snacks on my right. Snacks are important. Working all day I rarely have the energy to write at night. I sneak in time when I can. Truthfully I don’t really let a day go by without writing something. My day does feel off if I don’t. Having less time (job, family, life) I think I am actually more prolific then when I had no kids and worked at a restaurant a few nights a week. Wow, all that time seems so luxurious now that I don’t have it. Since I have a finite amount of time, I really make the most of it.

What are sources of inspiration that you return to?
My two daughters provide endless amounts of inspiration. And books. I can always count on a good book to fill my imagination well. But the one thing that always drives me (and boy is this going to sound cheesy I think) is the idea of connection. It’s such a basic human need that I think we humans struggle with. It’s a theme that comes up in nearly everything I write.

Can you tell us a little bit about your day job and how you got there? How does it challenge/influence/inspire your writing life?

I write and edit Medicare marketing materials for a health care company. A friend of mine recommended me for the job and it’s been great! I must have an affinity for the senior Beth Navarrocommunity seeing that my first book is about a kick butt grandma and I work on medicare. I love that parallel. It is challenging having a day job, because I can’t devote every moment to writing. But I also think it’s a good thing. It forces me to dedicate certain time to writing. It helps me to really focus on one thing at time.

To learn more about Beth Navarro and where to find her work, check out her website. While there be sure to check out her logo, created by one of her daughters, and tell me that it is not one of the best logos ever.


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