Networking, to the tune of…

1. Networking, verb: looking for people to help you get ahead in the business, any business.

2. Networking, verb: A. getting to know people who have similar interests to you or someone you know. B. taking the opportunity to geek out with people who share the same peculiar knowledge set.

I used to think of networking as defined above definition #1. And, it made me feel greedy and little slimy and generally unpleasant. So I decided I was bad at it and did not want to work to improve. However, a friend– more of an acquaintance really, Grace, redefined it for me as above definition #2. This felt like something I could get behind, a skill I wanted to learn. While similar to small talk, networking has the opportunity to open doors to new friends, jobs, definitions, and avenues.

So I’m working on my networking skills. Today, when I bought a couch off craigslist I had a nice chat with the fellow, an owner of a brand marketing graphic design firm. It was an overall enjoyable experience. He was jovial, and I worked to be outgoing. I’m also sprucing up my LinkedIn page.

Here, here to networking. 

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