Do What You Love

An old man, I don’t remember where or who he was, gave me the following advice:

Do what you love. Do it for free. Someone will notice you doing it and will pay you.

Now, I’m not sure it quite so simple as that. First, it means you must narrow down the things you love into one orchestrated movement. Or at least concentrate on one love for a while. It means that you have other avenues for putting food on the table, and quarters in the washing machine. Being gifted with supportive husband and a hard time getting an interview, I have had the opportunity to think again about this optimistic advice. And decided to put it into action by looking for volunteer opportunities and internships. I am little embarrassed to admit that it has taken me this long to realize this opportunity to do the things I love. I have been so concerned with being productive during my unemployment, I have felt guilty participating in things that bring me joy. Attitude adjustment in progress.

Here are some things I love: Vegetable and flower gardens, writing, reading, solving grammar problems, doing something good for my community, getting to know my neighbors, drinking wine, re-arranging furniture, petting my cat, watching old movies, canning tomatoes.

What do you love?



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